Putney at the Heart of London Rowing - Presentations made at the February 2020 meeting

Posted on Apr 16, 2021

On Monday 24th February the Putney Society Buildings Panel held a well attended meeting about "Putney: At the Heart of London Rowing".

The three speakers Phil Evison, Caroline Whitehead and Lynn Pearcy spoke on different aspects of rowing and illustrated their talks with a selection of slides.

Both the talks and slides are now available for you to look at and and download - simply click on the appropriate link below.


Phil Evison                "The History of Rowing at Putney"

Talk                              Slide Pack I - Phil


Caroline Whitehead   "Amateurs and Professionals"

Talk                              Slide Pack II - Caroline


Lynn Pearcy                "The Putney Embankment Today"

Talk                              Slide Pack III - Lynn