Modern Architecture Walks - 1 East Putney and 2 Putney Heath

Posted on Mar 14, 2021

In association with the Putney Society Meeting on "Modern Architecture in Putney & Roehampton" held on 21st September 2019, we have designed two walks which you can take to view examples of 20th and 21st century buildings which you may love or loathe!    The walks are complied by local geographic area - the first covers East Putney and the second Putney Heath.


To view or print out a walk please click on the link below:

Modern Architecture Walk 1 - East Putney

Modern Architecture Walk 2 - Putney Heath


In addition, the Society have also complied a Gazetteer of interesting twentieth and twenty-first century buildings in the local area which we hope will encourage you to appreciate good design (and the not so good)

To read or download the Gazetteer please click here:

Gazetteer of Modern Architecture in Putney and Roehampton