Front Garden Competition 2022 - The Results

Posted on Jul 09, 2022

As you may know the Putney Society held a front garden competition this year in Central Putney*.

No entry was necessary - a team of judges viewed gardens in Central Putney and gave Gold, Silver and Bronze award to those gardens which make a contribution to the urban streetscape - it could be flowers, evergreens, herbs – even vegetables.

The judges awarded 7 Gold, 24 Silver and 77 Bronze awards to those gardens which make such a valuable contribution to the urban streetscape. The most floriferous street was Norroy Road  

You can see some of the gardens by following the link below.  One of the Gold Award winners was the appropriately named "Jolly Gardeners" on Lacy Road.

If we all do our bit to turn our gardens green, together we can encourage wildlife, improve air quality, help to prevent flooding (by letting water drain into the earth and not down the drain) and enhance our health and wellbeing.

We also offered practical help, plants and advice, at our our stall on Saturday 7 May (corner of Burstock Road and Montserrat Road) on Saturday 14 May ( Chelverton Road and Charlwood Road).

To see some of the award-winning gardens please click on this link:

Some of the Award-Winning Front Gardens




*Burstock Road, Atney Road, Montserrat Road, Werter Road, Disraeli Road (up to Oxford Road), Norroy Road, Chelverton Road, Lacy Road, Felsham Road (up to Charlwood Road), Redgrave Road, Gwalior Road, Mascotte Road, Olivette Street, Lifford Street, Stratford Grove, Quill Lane, Cardinal Place, Charlwood Terrace, Modder Place.