Clean Air in London - Material from the webinar held Monday 15th June 2020

Posted on Jun 15, 2021

On 15th June the Putney Society held a webinar entitled "Clean Air in London".

The two speakers gave presentations in the first half of the meeting.   These can be viewed by clicking on the links below.


Melissa Compton-Edwards: from the grass roots clean air group "Mums for Lungs".    Mums for Lungs Presentation


Simon Birkett:  from "Clean Air in London" whose mission is to achieve full compliance with WHO guidelines for air quality throughout London and elsewhere:. Clean Air in London Presentation


A recording of the webinar can be viewed by clicking here  Webinar Recording    Unfortunately the recording quality is poor in several places, due to bandwidth problems, but the audio and the presentations are OK. 

The recording does not include the final Q&A at the request of the speaker.