Buildings Panel - February 2022 Comments on Planning Applications

Posted on Mar 15, 2022

The Putney Society Buildings Panel reviews all local Planning Applications against its Engagement Guidelines and, where appropriate, sends formal comments to the Planning Officer handling the case for Wandsworth Borough Council (WBC),

These comments are in the public domain when published on the WBC Planning website.   However, the Executive Committee has decided that to provide members with a better insight into the work of the Panel they should also be published on the Scoiety Website.

At the February 2022 meeting the Buildings Panel decided that they would comment on three applications.  The comments can be read by clicking on the links below.

2021-3877  Rosslyn Park Billboards

2021-4807  31 Clarendon Drive

2021-5778  42-43 Carlton Drive


If you would like to join the Buildings Panel at their monthly meeting please conact the Convenor: Andrew Catto T: 07831 761327