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Air Quality in Putney - Members' Meeting Followup

Posted on Nov 07, 2016

The September Members' Meeting on Air Quality and Childrens' Health raised a number of important issues.

We learned a lot about the initiatives to raise awareness of air pollution in schools, but only one head teacher, out of the many invited, joined us.   Please contact us is you are a local teacher or are involved in a parents' group at a school so that we can reach you about this major public health thest to our children.

Three of the presentations made at the meeting can be viewed by clicking below:

Health Effects of Air Pollution - Dr Ian Mudway

London Sustainability Exchange

Wandsworth Borough Council - Putney Society Presentation


Also at the meeting, Leonie Cooper, a member of the Locndon Assembly, referred to the next phase of the Mayor's consultation on his porposals to extend the Ultra-Low Emission Zone.   This has now been published with the deadline for responses being 18th December.   Everyone is encouraged to respond to this consultation partucularly as drivers in Putney will be directly affected by the new zone.   The consultation can be found by clicking here.

It id interesting that the background material provided for the consultation mentions the Putney High Street broke its EU nitrogen dioxide (NO2) limits within days of the start of 2016.   The reason this fact is so widely known is in part a result of the efforts of the Society.   A positive result of this notoriety is that Putney is now a priority for cleaner buses.

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