Latest issues concerning the Putney Society

Air Quality in Putney - Members' Meeting Followup

Posted on: Nov 07, 2016

The September Members' Meeting on Air Quality and Childrens' Health raised a number of important issues.

We learned a lot about the initiatives to raise awareness of air pollution in schools, but only one head teacher, out of the many invited, joined us.   Please contact us is you are a local teacher or are involved in a parents' group at a school so that we can reach you about th…

Restoration of “The Watchers” in the grounds of Downshire House

Posted on: Oct 29, 2016

Several members of the Putney Society were fortunate enough to attend the unveiling in early October of the reinstallation of Lynn Chadwick’s “The Watchers”.

One of the three figures that comprise the statue was stolen in 2006 but it has now been re-cast and the remaining figures renovated so that they are back in position looking out over Roehampton and Richmond Park. The unvei…

Air quality in Putney - Mayor's Consultation; Preliminary Result

Posted on: Oct 24, 2016

On his election in 2016, the Mayor committed to a large scale consultation on a range of actions to address poor air quality in London.

Measures under consideration include implementing the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in 2019 rather than 2020, expanding the boundaries of the ULEZ, and introducing an Emissions Surcharge on the most polluting vehicles driving in central London from 2…

Air Pollution in Putney - 'Green' Bus Zone

Posted on: Sep 29, 2016

Here are the Mayor’s answers to two questions that Leonie Cooper AM, Chair of the environmental Committee, GLA asked about the new 'green' bus zone around Putney High Street:

 Air Pollution in Putney  - Question No: 2016/3329

Leonie Cooper

I welcome your announcement on making Putney High Street a new 'green' bus zone. What anti…

The Wimbledon & Putney Common

Posted on: Sep 29, 2016

Charity Commission Statutory Inquiry

Many members will have seen the news that the Charity Commission (CC) has opened a Statutory Inquiry into the Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators, who act as and are regulated as charity trustees. Governance shortcomings had been identified in a report that the previous Board of Conservators commissioned in October 2014.  Now, the CC states …