Members Meeting - Integrated Health and Social Care - what does this mean locally? 19:30, 22nd October, Community Church, Werter Road, Putney

Event Date: Oct 22, 2018

 The October Members Meeting, organised by the Community Panel, will focus on The Integration of Health and Social Care in our area.   

 The speakers will be:

Sandy Keen, Head of Older People's services, Clinical Commissioning Group

Sydney Hill, Head of Early Help and Enablement, Richmond and Wandsworth Councils

Sarah Wright, Clinical Unit Business Manager, Wandswoth Community Adult Health Services


Some of the areas which will be covered are:

  • Health and Social Care at home - including emergency and overnight care

  • How different parts of the system communicate to ensure a "joined-up" service

  • Hospital discharge and rehabilitation

  • End of life care

  • Proposed zoning of homecare services in Wandsworth


Tags: local health and social care, integrated services